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This African legend was first discovered in the late 1960’s by the famous New York Jeweler Louis C Tiffany at the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro which is the only known source for this beautiful gemstone.
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We offer a huge variety in Sapphires from Ceylon and Kanchnaburi providing our customers a spectacular collection in single stones and calibrated stones in all shapes and sizes.
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Alexandrite is a highly prized variety of chrysoberyl. Alexandrite only forms when aluminum/beryllium and chrome (which rarely occurs in nature) come together, accounting for its rarity.
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Ruby is a gemstone in the Corundum family. It exhibits a range of red colors, and the most desired color is pigeon’s blood (pure red with a hint of blue).
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Emerald is the most precious member of the Beryl family. It exhibits a distinct and recognizable pure green hue but can also be found in a bluish-green hue.
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